50 Years General Machine Shop, Hot Tapping, & Tooling Experience

Pipeline Products

A World Class Machine shop specializing in manufacturing and reconditioning tools for the Hot Tapping industry

Pipeline Products is a custom machine shop that specializes in manufacturing and service parts for the Hot Tapping industry. Pipeline Products is also a general machine shop to help with any special projects, refurbishing of equipment, or custom tools projects that may arise.  We are proud to say that we have been a part of the Hot Tapping Industry for over 50 years! During our tenure in the Hot Tapping Industry, we have developed a well-deserved reputation as industry leaders in the manufacturing and reconditioning of parts for the contractors that perform the Hot Tapping process. Along with that reputation we have also been labeled the Emergency Room for contractors in the hot tapping industry. Due to equipment or tools breaking and needing to be fixed or reconditioned asap so that a project can be completed on time!  Pipeline Product’s prime interest is reconditioning (Tipping and Grinding) shell cutters and manufacturing new ones, if needed. We also offer to recondition certain equipment that is involved in the hot tap process. Our company also manufactures specialty tools that are utilized when performing a hot tap. These services that we offer allow contractors to maintain the proper equipment and tools needed to properly perform this procedure, as well as ensure the safety of the equipment being used. The parts that we manufacture for these contractors are utilized worldwide for many different types of hot tapping applications both onshore and offshore. So, making sure that the parts that we manufacture are top of the line and made with nothing but the best materials to ensure the life and safety of the products that we manufacture. Since there can be certain issues that may arise while performing a hot tap into a live pipeline full of natural gas or petroleum.  It is of the utmost importance to have properly manufactured equipment and tools to perform such a task.


  • Manual Lathes
  • 36″ VTL
  • Knee Style Mill’s
  • Cincinnati Tool and Die Grinders
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Welding Machine


What is Hot Tapping you ask?

Hot Tapping allows contractors to tie into an existing pipeline that carries such things as natural gas, or petroleum without having to perform what is called a shutdown of that existing line. If a shutdown is performed this would cause the contractor performing the task to have to purge out any existing gas or petroleum left to tie into that pipeline. This in return would cause a loss of the product that had to be purged, wasting time and money, and potentially harming the environment. The hot Tapping process is not only environmentally friendly but is also cost-effective saving money, the process also allows no downtime or flow of product to the end user. In short, Hot Tapping allows the product to still flow through the pipes while the task is being performed, saving money, time, and the environment.

Pipeline Products is here to help you the contractors that perform such a task with any special projects that may arise. We are also here to perform any general machine shop task as well (within our capabilities). Our shop houses several manual machines which allow us to manufacture small runs of parts with a quick turnaround. A list of some of the parts we manufacture are cutters, cutter holders, small hole saw holders, tapping adapters, special shafts, completion flanges, plugging heads, extended drills, twist drills, drive rings, pilot bosses, pivoting heads, drive collars, packing wrenches, spanner wrenches, swivel handles, spade holders, boring bars, and measuring rods just to name a few of the items we offer. Pipeline Products is here for all your general machine shop and hot tapping task. Reach out today and speak with one of our staff regarding your specialty project or any of your hot tapping needs.


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